Account Director - (Native English Speaker)-(Fund Manager)

Basic Function

  1. Have the expertise on building a fund management organization.
  2. Have the passion to work for both Chinese and multinational clients.
  3. Have the capability to drive new business and lead a team to service clients well.
  4. Responsible for the day-to-day management and operations of team with an emphasis on retaining and expanding current client business.
  5. Responsible for overseeing client budgets (creating, expanding, forecasting, etc) and ensuring that revenue and account profitability for each client is reached on a monthly basis.
  6. Responsible for the supervision of all subordinates.
  7. Has an established specialty or practice niche and strong, senior contacts in fund management and be familiar with fund management regulatory matters in Hong Kong and China.


  1. 7- 8 years of fund managemen experience or equivalent.
  2. Specialized industry knowledge plus specialized skills in one or more key practice areas within LehmanBush.
  3. Proven experience managing a team from a financial, client delivery and staffing perspective.
  4. Proven ability to:
    • write new business proposals, file regulatory applications in Hong Kong and China, and meet the criteria of a Hong Kong RO.
    • manage, retain and grow multiple accounts
    • create and manage multiple budgets
    • expand client business
    • develop strategic communication programs
  5. Possesses solid presentation skills, including ability to communicate and sell ideas to prospects.
  6. Proven leadership skills and sales ability.
  7. Has an established network of senior industry and finical industry contacts.

Duties and Responsibilities

Client Service

  1. Ability to up sell value-add programs/services to current clients.
  2. Draws out the best thinking of clients and to ensure pragmatic, well-executed outcomes.
  3. Supervises and sets direction of activities in at least three accounts, including client needs, staffing, strategy and budgeting.
  4. Delegates client assignments, supervise others and work with other practices and offices.
  5. Truly models Best Teams practices by drawing on a network of colleagues to develop and serve clients with the deepest possible expertise.
  6. Knows the tools, proprietary insights and methodologies available within LehmanBush to best serve clients without creating new ones.
  7. Reconstitutes knowledge into marketable, reusable assets to develop new offerings by anticipating needs or meeting demands of current clients.
  8. Generates high value by moving the client organization to undertake and enact major change.
  9. Positions the firm and other colleagues with clients in ways that build a true institutional partnership.
  10. Responsible for building and maintaining client relationships.
  11. Has authoritative knowledge of multiple industries and business trends.
  12. Assists in executing client satisfaction programs.
  13. Manages and reviews key client deliverables (i.e. messaging, acquisitions, deals, communications/marketing plans, strategy documents).
  14. Identifies “next level” thinking/ideas for clients by tracking industry trends and activities.
  15. Assumes creative and strategic direction and oversight on all account assignments.
  16. Has regular client contact to ensure the client is satisfied with account activity.
  17. Is proactive with clients to address any issues of dissatisfaction.

New Business

  1. Identifies business opportunities on current accounts and within LehmanBush.
  2. Engages in discussions with key potential client executives to gain access into their firm or industry.
  3. Utilizes LehmanBush resources to potential client contacts to meet strategic needs of that client.
  4. Responsible for development of new products/services.
  5. Leads new business pitches and presentations.

Staff/Self Development

  1. Ensures that people are working in the most cost-effective way to deliver high-quality and timely results to the client.
  2. Works with local Human Resources Manager to find and attract top talent.
  3. Participates in a minimum of two networking activities per month.
  4. Participates in LehmanBush training program.

Firm Promotion

  1. Makes promotion of the firm an important part of his/her performance, including identification of relevant outlets to publicize/promote current accounts and activities.
  2. Takes leadership role in LehmanBush.
  3. Seeks and exploits high visibility opportunities to enhance reputation by participating in industry symposia, contributing to articles, and finds other highly visible means to enhance LehmanBush’s reputation.

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